PDF Unshare

PDF Unshare

Protect PDF Files from Sharing, Editing, Copying & Unauthorized Access

PDF Unshare is a PDF security tool that creates unshared PDF files to protect your PDF files from sharing, editing, copying or unauthorized viewing. Each protected PDF file can be opened on 1 PC or mobile device only!

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XP (SP3) / Vista / Win 7 / Win 8 / Windows 10 / Windows 11 and Windows Servers

8 Top Features of PDF Unshare

Prevent PDF Sharing

Prevent PDF Files from Unauthorized Sharing

Prevent taking Screenshots

Prevent Screenshots

Only Allow 1 Device to open the PDF

Restrict PDFs Accessing on 1 Device Only

uPDF and PDF Formats

2 Output Formats

Privacy Safe

Privacy Safe, NO PDF Content Uploading

Prevent Document Content Copying

Prohibit PDFs Copying, Printing and Editing

Set Expiry Date for PDFs

Set the PDF Expiry Date

Watermark documents

Set Watermark Text and Color for PDFs


Free Multi-platform Reader (Windows, iOS & Android)



Protect Your PDF Documents from Sharing and Copying

A handy PDF content protection tool prevents readers from unauthorized sharing and copying PDF documents.

PDF Unshare is a PDF copyright protection utility that creates unshared PDF files to protect your PDF files from sharing, printing, editing, copying or unauthorized accessing. This creative document protection tool also allows you to set an expiry date for the protected PDFs, and then all these documents would not be viewed after that date. Now entrepreneurs, book publishers or educational institutions can easily protect their documents from unauthorized sharing to other people or publishing online with this handy application.

The protected files can be viewed on Windows PC/laptops, iPhone/iPad and Android devices by the free Unshared PDF reader program, also prevents people from taking screenshots while viewing the document content. You can also set the watermark text and customize the watermark color to the protected documents.

Languages of PDF Unshare User Interface:
English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Polish, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Arabic, Czech, Greek, Portuguese, Hungarian, Turkish, Russian, Japanese and Korean.


PDF Unshare only compute and use unique file hash signal to verify the data. The program NEVER upload any content or PDF file data to the server, and the server DOES NOT store any PDF files. So you don't need to worry about your privacy information or sensitive PDF content. (Read the full privacy page here)

Download PDF Unshare Now!
File Size: 20 MB
Compatible with all Popular Windows Operation Systems (Win XP (SP3) / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10 / Windows 11 - 64/32 bit and later)

Portable Version - ZIP, 26 MB

Quick Guide of PDF Unshare

Mode 1. Unauthorized Sharing Protection

Once the file is opened on a device (Except your PC), it cannot be opened on other devices anymore.

1. Create Unshared PDF with Protection Options

Create Unshared PDF/UPDF File

2. Send the file to someone you allow to view th file

Send the Unshared PDF/UPDF File to someone

3. Once the file is opened on a PC/iPhone/iPad/Android device, it cannot be opened on other devices anymore no matter copying or transferring it.

The file will not be opened on other devices

Mode 2. Expiration Date Protection Only

The document can be viewed and read by any one on any device until the expiry date.

1. Create the Unshared PDFs and set the Expiry Date

Set the expiry date to the PDF file

2. Distribute or publish the file

Distribute or publish the File

3. The file can be viewed by any one on any device without shared protection. After the expiry date, the file can NO LONGER be accessed.

The file will not be opened after expiration date

PDF Encryption Software Award from FixThePhoto

NOTE: Opening the created Unshared PDF file on the creator's PC will not affect the user to open this file. The computer which created the file is not counted in the device restriction list. That means you can review the created file by Unshared PDF Reader on your PC.

More Details - How to Use PDF Unshare to Protect Your PDFs from Sharing and Copying

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Download PDF Unshare
Portable Version - ZIP, 26 MB

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